Full Crystals

Get a full crystal phone with Switch UAE and bling up your phone today! Create the most attractive and shining phone for your needs and make it stand out like no other! With our full crystal phones, you have the option to create your own design against a crystal fabric that makes all your exterior coating shine bright like never before. Keep things shining and fun with Switch UAE.

Send through your customized designs and spice things up. Keep things interesting with a full crystal phone, whether you want a full crystal iPhone, full crystal Samsung phone, or more, we have all the options for you and your device. Make your phone shine with your very own crystal phone and Switch UAE up with us!

This is a Switch exclusive! Now you can print any design, image or pattern and add on a layer of our clear Swarovski crystal fabric and let your designs sparkle to new heights!

Write to [email protected] with your ideas and we'll create some magic for you.

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Thank you for choosing Switch. We would request you to send us your device by an arranged pick up service of Switch to get it personalized.

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  • While checking out, please provide us your appropriate pick up address and feasible date and time.
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We will wait for your device to provide you exotic experience with Switch.

KSA Customers: We will send you an airway bill of arranged pick up service through DHL. Take a printout of bill then please drop your device to the nearest DHL center and your device will be on it's way to switch. Confirm for nearest DHL center by calling on 920003450. Make sure there shouldn't be any scratches / dents on the device and should be in good working condition.

Give us a shout at [email protected] for questions / concerns.

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